Chrome Nipples

Chrome is one of the most sought after metallic finishes used in many different industries. Even though the automotive industry is the biggest consumer of this material, the fact is that chrome has found its application in plumbing and piping too. For many years, it was very stylish and trendy to have chrome fittings in the bathroom and/or kitchen. These fittings made every space more interesting and shiny thanks to their precise polishing and unique shine. It is interesting that this technology will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. Namely, Erik Liebreich was the person who invented the technology known as chromium electroplating or chrome bath back in 1920. The process is now considered to be simple. The manufacturers use the power of chemical reactions to create a thin, yet long-lasting chromium layer on metals like nickel and copper. Plastic is another material that can be coated with this layer.
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