Black Nipples

Nipple is a very common term used in piping and plumbing. For those who don’t know, a nipple is actually a fitting that includes a very short piece of pipe that typically comes with a male pipe thread found at each end of the pipe in order to link two fittings. The size/length of the nipple is directly related to the width and overall length when the threads are in place. They might have a hexagonal section in the middle specially designed for a wrench to grasp or it can be made just from a very short piece of pipe. Black pipe nipples are used in many different situations. It is used in piping to carry natural or propane gas to households. The pipes are seamless because it is much easier to deliver gas in this way. In some cases, black pipes are used in fire sprinkler systems because they can resist fire. In addition, they resist high pressure too.
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