Copper Fittings

Every person that has visited the plumbing section in a DIY store has noticed that there is a wide range of plumbing fittings. Even though most of them look similar, the main difference between them is the material that they are made of. Namely, these fittings are made of copper, brass, chrome, plastic and other materials and they are available in different sizes too.

The most used and most popular fittings today are copper fittings. These fittings are used together with copper pipes although they can work with plastic pipes too. Their main application is in central heating and in the supply of both cold and hot water. The fact is that copper fittings today come in a myriad of sizes and shapes. However, they can be separated into four main groups. Each of these groups is based on the method used when these fittings are put into use.

One of the most used pieces of copper fitting is called solder ring fittings. These fittings, also known as Yorkshire fittings are usually made of copper even though there are brass solder ring fittings. This is a specific fitting because it comes with a relatively small ring of solder placed around the circumference located on the inner side of the copper fitting. So, once the copper pipe is placed in the fitting and you have used the cleaning/activating paste in that area with the help of heat, the solder will start melting and going around the joint only to get solidified after a while. So, once the heat source is covered, you will get a solid joint.

End feed fittings are another popular type of copper fittings. When you first look at them you won’t notice any significant difference between solder ring fittings and this type. However, end feed fittings don’t come with a ring. If you use end feed fittings the solder is delivered by the plumber (solder stick or reel). The vast majority of plumbers uses this type of copper fittings because they are cheaper and provide the same effects when they are placed in the right way.

The compression fittings are the third category of fittings while the last one is known as push fit fittings. Each of these fittings has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in order to get the most from all of them, you need to buy high-quality copper fittings.

Copper fittings can be separated in other ways too. Based on their purpose, there are copper 45 and copper 90 street elbows, copper 45 and copper 90-degree elbows, caps, couplings, unions and tee fittings.

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